The Danish Innovation Fund has granted DKK 106.5 million for a mission-driven partnership, which will support research within the circular economy for plastics and textiles in Denmark until 2050. BESTSELLER is among the 92 partners that must contribute to the green transition through one out of four national missions.
BESTSELLER has signed a new agreement to develop a women empowerment programme for our suppliers in Turkey, building on the success of reaching the Fashion FWD target of empowering 100,000 women four years ahead of schedule.
Signatories to the former Bangladesh Accord have agreed to continue legally-binding commitments to workplace safety in Bangladesh and explore expanding the programme to other countries.
Try saying ‘Polyhydroxyalkanoates’ three times in a row. No? Well, maybe it’s time to learn, as it could be the future material in fashion.
The amount of discarded textiles is increasing annually, with projections of further acceleration. Although some of this waste is reused, a significant proportion is diverted for recycling. To create the necessary infrastructure to effectively recycle these textiles, an understanding of their material composition is needed. Enter the Sorting for Circularity Project.
A group of Denmark’s largest players have come together to redraw the boundaries for fashion design, recycling technologies and consumer behaviour.