Bringing Fashion FWD until we are climate positive, fair for all and circular by design – this is our ultimate ambition, our North Star.

At BESTSELLER, we want to accelerate fashion’s journey towards a more sustainable reality. Our industry has a significant impact. By countering climate change, using resources efficiently and promoting human rights, business can be a positive force for change. Our sustainability strategy is named Fashion FWD and it sets our near-term direction and keeps us accountable with goals to achieve by 2025. When we have achieved these goals, we will then set new ones, always aiming higher towards our North Star.

Read on to learn more about our efforts and progress towards our goals. How we work to increase transparency and traceability of our products and materials, to digitalise our ways of working, to preserve our climate and environment, to motivate and support our people, to cooperate throughout our industry and to stimulate innovation.

We're dedicated to tackle textile waste and become a circular business.
Our Social and Labour Supplier Rating measures our suppliers’ human rights performance.
Using technology to know exactly where our materials come from.
We use science-based targets to achieve our climate goals.
Give your garments and accessories the life they deserve.
We won't reach our goals without fashion innovation.
Inspired by nature and spiderwebs, this partnership displays an entirely new way of creating textile fibre. The result is a statement piece from BESTSELLER’s menswear brand JACK & JONES, available online with a global reach.
The public and independent mediation and complaints-handling institution, NCP Denmark has rejected a complaint over BESTSELLER and acknowledges BESTSELLER's procedures for and work to ensure responsible production conditions in Myanmar.
The Danish Innovation Fund has granted DKK 106.5 million for a mission-driven partnership, which will support research within the circular economy for plastics and textiles in Denmark until 2050. BESTSELLER is among the 92 partners that must contribute to the green transition through one out of four national missions.
Drum roll: after an impressive presentation and successful event during Copenhagen Fashion Week, the winner of BESTSELLER’s Circular Design Challenge has been found.
We aim to host the most educational event during Copenhagen Fashion Week.
With a new investment and ongoing collaborations, BESTSELLER explores the market for alternatives.
With the first-ever harvest of certified in-conversion cotton coming from Pakistan, BESTSELLER and its brand JACK & JONES are making history together with their long-standing supplier and partner Artistic Milliners.
BESTSELLER is one of the first fashion retailers to scale a new blockchain solution and is thereby taking a remarkable step towards product traceability. Investments in traceability solutions are needed to make sure that consumers get products they can trust and simultaneously ensure compliance with expected EU requirements for digital product passports.
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