To be transparent about our supply chain, BESTSELLER publishes its public factory list once every two months. What to expect when a product is labelled 'certified and branded' or 'Fashion FWD materials' in BESTSELLER? Fashion FWD Materials are certified and branded materials proven to have less environmental impact on the climate, when compared to conventional materials of the same category. Examples of this could be the preservation of water resources, using renewable energy and safer chemicals during production. Through our supply chain policies, we seek to uphold the principles of good governance and social and environmental sustainability and convey such corporate ethical culture to all our stakeholders, promoting respect for fundamental Human and Labour Rights across our supply chain partners. BESTSELLER works with numerous stakeholders to manage and collaborate together on managing our human rights, environmental and chemical risks in this part of BESTSELLER's supply chain.


BESTSELLER is committed to prevent modern slavery and human rights trafficking in our supply chain. We report on, among others, our human rights work in our annual sustainability report.

To meet the requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, we produce a separate annual statement on modern slavery