As a company operating in many markets and more than 38 countries, our colleagues have different backgrounds. We believe that this promotes diversity, strong values and good results. We always look beyond our own borders, embracing the benefits of having different views and approaches, contributing to the continued expansion of our company.

At BESTSELLER, we provide equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or religious background. We hire our employees based on their personality, skills and experience. Our diverse workforce is an important factor in competing globally and bringing fashion forward. We aim to have a workforce, that is truly representative of society and our customers.

BESTSELLER’s strength comes from the combined strengths of our colleagues. We strive to cultivate a culture that prioritises initiative and responsibilities. In BESTSELLER we have a shared responsibility to shape the best possible workplace.

Our Anti-harassment policy is titled ‘Stand Together Against Harassment’. The expanded policy includes a description of BESTSELLER’s company culture and the harassment types include bullying and psychological harassment, physical harassment, sexual harassment and gender-abusive behaviour. We aim to measure and improve the way we encourage all aspects of diversity and belonging through D&I Surveys and initiatives.

Due to the size of our business and different levels off transparency in countries where we operate, we face risks relating to unacceptable and unethical behaviour. These risks are more likely in regions where political and social structures are weakened, which reduces transparency.

To ensure we conduct business with ethics and integrity, and to protect our company from unethical practices that we may meet, BESTSELLER has a Code of Ethics, which is updated biannually. Our Code of Ethics is a wide-ranging policy, which sets out the proper way to do business in BESTSELLER, including anti-bribery and corruption. All colleagues must complete Code of Ethics training every second year.

We respect and protect the personal rights of our customers, employees and business partners. When assessing new business ideas, the protection of personal data has highest priority. We safeguard the personal data that we process and have implemented data protection and IT security policies and guidelines. The main areas where BESTSELLER processes data are HR and recruitment, customer related activities (both B2C and B2B), business development and finance activities. Each of these areas as well as their sub-areas are covered by separate guidelines, process descriptions and privacy policies.

BESTSELLER wants to ensure the best shopping experience for our customers, however, at all times we respect the privacy of our customers and want to earn their trust by being transparent about how we collect and process their data.

Index égalité femmes-hommes 2022 : 89/100

Cette note globale est composée des résultats aux 4 indicateurs suivants :

  • Indicateur écart de rémunérations : 39
  • Indicateur écart de taux d'augmentations individuelles : 35
  • Indicateur retour de congés maternité : 15
  • Indicateur hautes rémunérations: 0 

Index égalité femmes-hommes 2022 : 36/100

Cette note globale est composée des résultats aux 4 indicateurs suivants :

  • Indicateur écart de rémunérations : 36
  • Indicateur écart de taux d'augmentations individuelles : 0
  • Indicateur retour de congés maternité : 0
  • Indicateur hautes rémunérations: 0 

We take compliance with applicable law and ethical standards seriously, and we encourage our employees to speak up if they suspect or have knowledge of serious misconduct.

Our employees and cooperation partners can submit information through our whistleblower system, available at

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