Our business activities involve thousands of workers across the world and have a significant impact on the environment. As such, our sustainability work involves a range of issues from workers’ rights to decent working conditions, as well as animal welfare, chemical management and more.

The welfare of the people making our products and those who wear them, as well as the environment we operate in is important to us. Our range of policies and guidelines describe the ethics, behaviour and requirements we expect from ourselves and our business partners.

Find our policy overview below and where to download each.

Our supply chain documents seek to uphold the principles of good governance and social and environmental sustainability and convey such corporate ethical culture to all our stakeholders, promoting respect for fundamental Human and Labour Rights across our supply chain partners.

Learn more and find our supply chain policies – such as our Code of Conduct (CoC), Human Rights Policy, Restricted Substances List (RSL) and more – here.

As a member of the Canopy Style and Pack4Good initiatives, we’ve pledge to eliminate sourcing man-made cellulosics, and paper and packaging from endangered species habitat and ancient and endangered forests. Man-made cellulosics (MMC) more commonly known as Viscose, Lyocell and Modal, and are made of dissolved pulp, usually sourced from wood.

Learn more and download our Forest Protection Policy here.

As a company operating in many markets and more than 38 countries, our colleagues have different backgrounds. We believe that this promotes diversity, strong values and good results.

We’re supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace, and our work in this area is defined and guided by our Diversity & Inclusion Policy, our Anti-Harassment Policy and our Code of Ethics - which you can find and download here.

We’re moving away from how we’ve been using plastic and paper-based packaging - towards reusable, recycled or compostable alternatives. For example, our switch to recycled polybags will save an estimated 1,750 metric tonnes of virgin plastic per year.

Learn more and download our Policies for Plastic and Paper-Based Packaging here.

At BESTSELLER, we have taken a strong stance on Animal Welfare, and for more than a decade, BESTSELLER has been a fur-free company. We've also committed ourselves to sourcing all our wool according to the Responsible Wool Standard by 2025.

Learn more and download our Animal welfare policy here.

To extend the life of our products, we have published a Wear & Care Guide. The guide offers guidance on how to make garments last longer and on reuse and recycling value.

We also want to provide end-consumers with circular business models that extend the life of our products and keep resources in use for longer. Find the guide here.

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