100% of our key waste streams from our head offices and owned and operated logistics centers will be recycled or reused. We will drive forward post-consumer waste and circular infrastructure solutions, engaging in collaborative initiatives to turn waste into valuable resources We will have tested and implemented circular business models in selected key markets with relevant partners. We will facilitate the development of certified and/or branded fibres and materials at market scale through innovation and industry collaborations. We will source 50% of our polyester from recycled polyester or other certified and/or branded alternatives.

We are convinced that the fashion industry must move towards a circular model if we are to achieve balance and prosperity. This will require replacing the traditional linear model of take-make-waste with circular solutions that safeguard the world’s finite resources and eliminate waste.

That means that we need to treat waste as one of our primary resources.

In our materials and fashion products, with our own waste streams in offices and stores, in our plastic and paper-based packaging, and in our general business models

We do this through several different approaches.

To support the development of alternatives to polyester, we have joined Fashion for Good’s Full Circle Textiles Project for polyester. The project aims to scale promising chemical recycling options for polyester, as chemical recycling has the potential to make textile-to-textile recycling a reality for polyester, which would significantly reduce the amount of polyester that ends up in landfill.
Our Innovation Lab has joined the innovative ReSuit project – led by Danish Technological Institute. With ReSuit, we are working with various stakeholders to help establish a more sustainable textile industry in Denmark and facilitate the recycling of all textile waste. ReSuit is investigating how the textile industry can get better at designing sustainably and what technologies are best suited to recycling post-consumer textile waste.
Invest FWD has invested in Ambercycle, an American company specialising in polyester recycling. They have developed a pioneering process for used polyester textiles that separates and purifies post-consumer textile waste at the molecular level to produce regenerated materials that can be crafted into new garments. This investment represents our ongoing focus to reduce the impact of our material use through more and better recycling. BESTSELLER will continue to evaluate, test and adopt innovative solutions within textile recycling, while our brands will work to increase their sourcing of recycled fibres.
We’re piloting two major circularity projects, and one of them supports utilisation of its own textile cutting scraps, creating a valuable closed-loop system in a fully transparent supply chain. To develop the desirable new recycled yarns, BESTSELLER collaborates with CYCLO – a Bangladeshi recycled cotton fibre firm on a mission to responsibly recycle the hundreds of tonnes of cotton fabric discarded daily as cutting waste.
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