LCN is located in Haderslev, Denmark. We own and operate the centre, which has been the main logistics facility in BESTSELLER since 2012.  

The centre is 64,000 m2 with a capacity of 1,000,000 cartons in storage. Automation technology increases the capacity and efficiency of the centre. More than 400 colleagues are employed at the centre, which BESTSELLER invested more than DKK 500 million to build. 

In Denmark we operate three leased distribution centres in Taulov, Frederica and Løsning. Investing in the three centres provides flexibility and scalability for our logistics operations.  

We also work with leading global logistics partners to support our supply chain. Including our Logistics Centre South (LCS) in Barcelona, Spain. Using the centre enables us to reduce time to market in Southern Europe by up to 75 percent.  

There are three additional third-party operated logistics centres in the Netherlands and two in Denmark.  

In 2022 BESTSELLER signed a contract to build a high-tech logistics centre in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

The logistics centre which will employ 500 highly skilled people, will be critical for expanding the company’s supply chain and supporting its growth. Bringing BESTSELLER closer to the biggest wholesale customers and largest retail markets in Europe.

It will be high-tech facility, focusing on automation and sustainability both inside and outside the centre. BESTSELLER’s ambition is for the centre to be CO2 neutral.

The contract for the centre is for 28ha of land and the centre will be more than 100,000 m2.

The centre will have a storage capacity up 1,500,000 cartons and 5,000,000 pieces picked per week.

BESTSELLER expects the centre to be fully operational in 2026.

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