The BESTSELLER Foundation is launching its Annual Young Environment Ambassador Award - and we want you to help nominate the right candidates.

This award will be given to three exceptional young people from around the world who are making an extraordinary contribution to protect nature and the environment. Recognised as inspiring young leaders, the award winners will be supported in furthering their efforts.

The award recipients will get access to BESTSELLER’s and BESTSELLER Foundation’s network, as well as mentorship and financial support of USD 5,000.

There is no geographic criteria, as we are looking for talent on a global scale. Nominees should be aged 15-30 and have a demonstrated interest, passion and enthusiasm for sustainability. They should be working to create impact and advocacy.

We expect nominees to show evidence of an outstanding contribution to environmental protection and sustainability, or evidence of an ongoing project, initiative, or business led by the applicant, or interest in pursuing higher education in an environment-related field. It can also be evidence of impact and outcomes of the applicant’s initiative, project, or business or advocacy, or campaigns at school, community, or country for sustainable practices.

Anyone can nominate candidates and you do so by emailing your suggestion to the BESTSELLER Foundation at info@bestsellerfoundation.org.

Please make sure the email contains as much information as possible regarding the eligibility of your nominee. Please refer to the above eligibility criteria to understand what we are looking for.

The BESTSELLER Foundation is an impact investment fund that aims to support entrepreneurs and invest in businesses that work toward protecting the environment, to create better jobs and opportunities for sustainable growth. The foundation’s work is made possible through the support of BESTSELLER, an international, family-owned fashion group. The current priority of the foundation is to help tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time – how to reduce waste, how to reuse and recycle valuable resources and how to find economically viable opportunity in doing so. The efforts are focused on Sub-Saharan Africa.