This new dress from AWARE by VERO MODA represents a key step forward in BESTSELLER’s commitment to innovation and more sustainable materials.

VERO MODA has launched a limited edition piece this week, which brings BESTSELLER’s collaboration with Swedish innovator Renewcell to life.

In a breakthrough moment for Renewcell’s innovative material Circulose®, VERO MODA has become one of the first brands to produce a garment at market scale from the more sustainable material. Circulose® is exclusively made from recycled textiles using 100 percent renewable energy.

On Tuesday, VERO MODA launched a new dress with the tagline ‘The Beauty of Second Life’. Only 648 examples of the dress have been made and they are already sold out online. The remainder are available at selected VERO MODA stores across Europe.

“We want to show what’s possible with more sustainable fashion by creating a breath-taking garment that not only looks incredible but is also far better for the environment,” says Mette Møller Wejdemann, VERO MODA’s International Buying & Design Manager.

“This dress from AWARE by VERO MODA takes us one step further on our more sustainable journey.”

Last year, BESTSELLER announced its collaboration with Renewcell as part of our Fashion FWD Lab. VERO MODA, OBJECT and SELECTED explored and tested how Circulose® could work for us, becoming some of the first brands worldwide to work with the material at market scale.

VERO MODA designer Mette Brink says that working with Circulose® required more or less zero adaptation from her and her team.

“It is just like working with viscose or more sustainable man-made cellulosics, such as LENZING™ ECOVERO™, which is in many ways the entire point. To become more sustainable, we need to identify and adopt new more sustainable materials that can replace those we have traditionally used in the fashion industry,” Mette says.

“Circulose® is a fantastic example, as it allows us to transform something as boring – and seemingly worthless – as old, worn-out jeans into a new and exclusive designer dress.”