Today, OBJECT and fabric innovator Evrnu are set to launch a small capsule collection made with a fibre that can be regenerated through the same process over and over.  

12 October 2023 OBJECT and US-based innovator Evrnu present three styles promoting circularity and reducing waste. The styles are made with Nucycl, a fibre made from cotton-rich textile waste, replacing virgin tree pulp. It has a soft touch with a cotton-like feel, while being absorbent, breathable, and durable too. Ultimately the fibre can be regenerated through the same process over and over.  

“Nucycl sets itself apart from other fabric recycling methods as it creates new fabrics on par with, or even higher quality than, the original virgin fibre. This exceptional characteristic offers the textile industry an alternative without compromising on performance. By repurposing textile waste into Nucycl fibre, we reduce our reliance on virgin resources, paving the way for a fashion economy where waste is transformed into valuable resources,” says Stacy Flynn, Co-Founder of Evrnu. 

Necessary investments 

Through BESTSELLER’s investment arm, Invest FWD, the Danish fashion group invested in Evrnu early on. 

Proud to wear   

The small capsule collection features a dress, a shirt, and a pair of pants. It is characterised by easy silhouettes with clean lines and monochromatic prints in timeless styles. 

“The garments represent OBJECT’s efforts in preparing for a more circular future. We are thrilled to collaborate with Evrnu and introduce the innovative Nucycl fiber into this collection,” says June Nygaard, Design Manager at OBJECT.  

About the innovator 
  • Evrnu is a US-based textile innovations company, reshaping resource utilisation and reducing the negative environmental impacts of the textile industry.  

  • Evrnu has invented era-defining polymer regeneration technologies that address one of the biggest environmental challenges of our times: the textile waste crisis.  
  • With Evrnu’s Nucycl technologies, discarded clothing is broken down and transformed into a pristine new fiber engineered to provide extraordinary performance characteristics for creating new premium textile products.  

  • Evrnu is one of the innovators in BESTSELLER’s Invest FWD portfolio.