Two years ago, BESTSELLER began a fruitful partnership with Finnish material innovation company Spinnova as one of the early adaptors of their novel fibre. Now, the first product – a pair of JACK & JONES pants – made with SPINNOVA® is launched for shoppers.

Spinnova’s pristine fibre is made of wood without any harmful chemicals. The breakthrough technology guarantees close to zero water use and minimal CO2 emissions while at the same time ensuring the touch and feel of natural fibres.

“At JACK & JONES we push ourselves to innovate and explore processes and materials with a lower impact on the environment. In Spinnova we found a strong partner to step up,” explains Elena Osenbrüg, JACK & JONES’ Sustainability Responsible.

“After visiting their mill in Finland, seeing how pristine the fibre production is, and after close work with our buying team to create a statement piece, I’m excited to see the first JACK & JONES product made with SPINNOVA® fibre on market.”

Towards commercial scaleup

Having proof of concept from its pilot production line, Spinnova is now working towards commercial scaleup with a number of brand owners committed to long-term collaboration. This product launch is an integral part of Spinnova’s commercialisation journey.

"That’s why it’s great to get to see the launch of their first product with SPINNOVA® fibre that is now available for all their consumers,” says Spinnova’s CEO Kim Poulsen.

The partnership was initiated through BESTSELLER Innovation that acts as a catalyst for collaborations consisting of pilot projects, workshops, case studies and more to accelerate change.

“Seeing an innovation reach a commercial level in BESTSELLER – and with our brand JACK & JONES – is simply amazing each and every time. That’s exactly what we strive for and are working hard to achieve,” says Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, BESTSELLER’s Innovation Manager, and finishes:

“We believe in Spinnova and see them as a highly promising material innovator that we plan to use much more in coming collections.”

Find the trousers here.

  • The pants are made of 20% SPINNOVA® fibre and 50% organic cotton. The remaining 30% is sourced through Better Cotton’s mass balance system.
  • The collaboration is facilitated through BESTSELLER Innovation, which focuses on new low-impact circular materials, better production, new business models and smarter ways of manufacturing.
  • Spinnova and BESTSELLER were initially introduced by the Fashion for Good initiative that works as a matchmaker for brands and innovators.
  • Spinnova has received awards from the likes of the Fast Company, ISPO, Scandinavian Outdoor, ANDAM, Monocle and Marie Claire UK.