BESTSELLER colleagues from a variety of brands took on the 'Circular Design Challenge 2022' to become more skilled and knowledgeable about designing with circularity in mind, and at the same time to be able to pass on this knowledge about processes, options, improving initiatives and limitations to external stakeholders.

Ultimately, it was SELECTED that took the prize in the eyes of the panel of judges, composed by representatives from Global Fashion Agenda, Zalando and Lifestyle & Design Cluster as well as Design School Kolding.

“SELECTED have really acquainted themselves with the principles of designing for circularity – and simultaneously they were able to convey this insight through their capsule and presentation," said BESTSELLER’s Innovation Manager, Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen at the time of the Challenge.

Designed with circularity in mind

SELECTED has created an impressive capsule that lived up to the requirements of BESTSELLER’s Circular Design Guide and matched the brand’s distinctive DNA.

“The Challenge was a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and become better at designing for circularity,” says Louise Lund, SELECTED’s Sustainability Manager.

"From optimal use of resources to durability, recyclability and mono materials, all design decisions of the new capsule collection were made to support that each garment can be part of a circular system."

Timeless classics and mono-materials

Louise Lund mentions the versatile, gender-neutral trench coat as a highlight from the capsule:

“The trench coat is a modern interpretation of a timeless classic. We’ve used recycled materials and ensured true versatility to define the trench coat, which is our very first unisex product. We believe that it can be adapted for any season and worn all year.”

Another focus for the collection was to design with mono-materials – i.e. garments that are composed of just a single fibre, e.g. cotton. This makes the garments more easy to recycle as less sorting and processing is needed, which is a key priority when designing for circularity.

“We also created a durable t-shirt from 100 percent recycled cotton jersey as well as denim essentials designed for longevity made with organic cotton,” Louise Lund adds.

Shop the capsule collection here.