As the first among BESTSELLER Group’s brand portfolio, menswear brand JACK & JONES has just launched a pair of jeans made from the innovative Infinna™ fibre from Infinited Fiber Company.

Infinited Fiber Company’s technology can turn cotton-rich textile waste into Infinna™ – a premium-quality regenerated textile fibre without any harmful chemicals. It’s soft, versatile, and looks and feels just as cotton. Garments made with Infinna™ can –once worn out – again be recycled in the same process together with other textile waste.

Investor and early fibre adopter

As part of Infinited Fiber Company’s financing round in 2021, BESTSELLER’s investment arm Invest FWD was among the Finnish textile technology group’s new investors.

“Infinited Fiber Company has an opportunity to close the loop in the fashion industry with textile-to-textile recycling, which is a great match for Invest FWD’s aspiration to support the entire fashion ecosystem and BESTSELLER’s sustainability strategy Fashion FWD through strategic investments,” said Lise Kaae, CEO in our parent company HEARTLAND A/S and Invest FWD board member.

Concurrently, BESTSELLER signed a multiyear sales agreement with the innovator to secure access to their pristine fibre.


Shop the jeans here.

BESTSELLER now expands its direct-to-farm initiatives with regenerative practices to gain new learnings. This season, BESTSELLER-owned JACK & JONES will exclusively receive a share of regenerative cotton from long-standing supplier and partner Artistic Milliners’ very first harvest.
Today, OBJECT and fabric innovator Evrnu are set to launch a small capsule collection made with a fibre that can be regenerated through the same process over and over.  
Collaborative strategies and innovation at the forefront.
Cycora® is the breakthrough material from Ambercycle, an innovator in BESTSELLER’s Invest FWD portfolio.
Materials science company Kintra Fibers, which has developed a bio-based polyester, has successfully raised $8 million in Series A funding. BESTSELLER’s Invest FWD is among the co-investors.
JACK & JONES has just launched a pair of jeans made from the innovative Infinna™ fibre from Infinited Fiber Company.
Introducing the Dyestuff Library: a digital tool enabling partners to choose dyestuff based on competitive performance as well as environmental metrics for commercial use.
Last August – in the midst of Copenhagen Fashion Week – SELECTED Femme/Homme’s capsule was crowned the winner of BESTSELLER’s Circular Design Challenge. Now it is available for shoppers.