As part of their product development, VILA has invested in 3D – something they commenced pre-corona, but which is now showing its worth as they present the ‘Virtual world of VILA’.

“3D can secure faster and more flexible processes eliminating the production of samples and therefore minimising waste. It’s relevant both environmentally speaking and in terms of efficiency, which again has a  positive effect on the entire value chain,” says Brand Director Simon Khong Harbjerg, VILA.

“The 3D solutions are therefore not just digital tools that have come in handy due to the physical constraints of the current pandemic – it’s solutions that very much optimise processes going forward”.


Every year, VILA hosts two large events for their Key Account customers in selected locations where the participants get an extraordinaire experience while being introduced to the new collections. In 2019, customers were invited to Barcelona, where the majestic surroundings of the St. Pau Hospital played the role of catwalk and event space. Naturally, something like this is not a possibility this time around, but luckily, 3D offers new and exciting possibilities to meet customers in inspiring and extraordinary ways.

“On 2 February, we are hosting a 100% digital event based on 3D collection samples, 3D models and not least a completely unique VILA 3D universe, taking the most advanced 3D showrooms to new heights,” says Simon Khong Harbjerg, and continues: “Our Key Account customers are invited into an exclusive 3D universe where we’re presenting four new collections. Based on the quality of the event we have high expectations to its success. As a very positive side effect we can also invite our Field Accounts to take part afterwards, as we are not as limited in regards to the number of guests as we would have been at a physical event”.