BESTSELLER has signed a contract to build a high-tech logistics centre in Lelystad, the Netherlands. We will invest DKK 2 billion (EUR 265 million) to build the centre – the biggest single investment in our history.

In October 2021, BESTSELLER communicated its intention to build the facility. The signing of the contract  made together with the deputy mayor of the municipality of Lelystad  officially confirms the investment in the centre.

The logistics centre which will employ 500 highly skilled people, will be critical for expanding the company’s supply chain and supporting its growth. Bringing BESTSELLER closer to the biggest wholesale customers and largest retail markets in Europe.

This high-tech logistics centre is the biggest single investment in BESTSELLER’s history. It will be a significant milestone for our future ambitions and growth,” said Allan Kyhe Kjærgaard, Logistics Director at BESTSELLER.

The centre will be located in the municipality of Lelystad, in the Netherlands. 60 km from Amsterdam with port, road and rail access. The municipality is ideally placed to be a high-tech, sustainable logistic hub to supply the European markets.

“Lelystad in the Netherlands is the perfect location for the centre. Bringing us closer to our most important customers and largest retail markets. As the centre will be critical to support our growth, we want to begin construction as soon as possible,” said Allan Kyhe Kjærgaard.

Job creation, technology and sustainability

The investment in the centre is expected to create 500 full-time jobs when fully operational. A large percentage of the employees will be highly specialised engineers, electricians and experts in logistics and supply chain operations.

“We want to create a very attractive workplace which means that we must recruit a lot of very skilled colleagues. We’re looking forward to becoming a part of the community and to working with our local partners in developing the area into a hub for high-tech and sustainable logistics,” said Allan Kyhe Kjærgaard.

Adam Elzakalai, Alderman for Economic Affairs and Deputy Mayor of Lelystad municipality, said:

“This is an important milestone. With the signing of the purchase agreement, BESTSELLER can start work on the construction. The logistics centre will create lots of jobs. It will be a beautiful sustainable building that is erected at Port of Flevokust. And it will definitely not be the last one. There is a lot of interest from companies for business locations at Port of Flevokust.” 

The contract was signed at an official ceremony at the Provada conference in Amsterdam, an event for the Dutch real estate industry. The Danish Ambassador to the Netherlands, Jarl-Frijs Madsen joined Allan Kyhe Kjærgaard and Adam Elzakalai at the signing ceremony.

The Logistics Centre
  • It will be high-tech facility, focusing on automation and sustainability - both inside and outside the centre. BESTSELLER’s ambition is for the centre to be CO2 neutral.
  • The contract for the centre is for 28ha of land and the centre will be more than 100,000 m2.
  • The centre will have a storage capacity up 2,000,000 cartons and 5,300,000 pieces picked per week.
  • BESTSELLER expects to be fully operational in 2026.
BESTSELLER in the Netherlands
  • BESTSELLER has been present in the Netherlands since 1995. More than 1,800 employees work in the Netherlands, including the global e-commerce business.
  • The Netherlands is one of BESTSELLER’s top 5 largest markets for both retail and wholesale, with over 450 stores in the country.