Millions of viewers worldwide are expected to tune in as the Olympic and Paralympic opening ceremonies take place in a public space for the first time. This will happen in Paris, on the River Seine, the Place de la Concorde, and the Champs Élysées, where the Danish athletes will move through the heart of the city wearing red and white hues reminiscent of the Danish flag.

The opening ceremony suit is just one of the pieces of clothing that make up the wardrobe of the Danish athletes when they are not competing in Paris. As an official national partner, it is once again BESTSELLER that delivers this wardrobe.

"At the Danish Sports Confederation, our partners play a crucial role in the development of Danish elite sports and not least in Denmark's participation in Paris 2024. We are incredibly happy about our collaboration with BESTSELLER, which contributes to this. At the same time, it is BESTSELLER that creates the clothing collection the athletes wear when they are not competing, which contributes to a sense of togetherness and ensures that we represent Denmark in the best possible way when we are in Paris. And BESTSELLER has truly succeeded in creating a stylish collection with a strong focus on materials as well as the needs of the athletes," says Søren Simonsen, Chef de Mission, the Danish Sports Confederation (DIF).

Feedback from athletes

The collection has been created from start to finish in collaboration with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, who have provided feedback on previous collections and participated in various events with our designers and buyers. All to ensure that the clothes the athletes will wear while, for many, taking part in the biggest event of their careers, are adapted to the right conditions and requirements.

"It is with great respect for the task that we design a collection for our skilled Danish athletes. We listen to them and ensure that their needs are considered in every piece of clothing. At BESTSELLER, we place great emphasis on talent, passion and perseverance, which is why it is always inspiring to collaborate with Danish athletes who are pursuing their dreams. The fact that we have the opportunity to dress them as they face their biggest professional goals is a privilege that we are proud of and very humbled by," says Anders Gam, Brand Director at JACK & JONES.

While the female Danish athletes will be wearing clothing from VERO MODA, JACK & JONES will be providing the collection for the male athletes.

One of the athletes who will wear the official collection for the second time is taekwondo fighter Lisa Kjær, who won Paralympic gold in Tokyo. She has also been involved in providing input to our design and purchasing teams during the creation of the collection:

"It is a very special feeling to put on the official collection together with the rest of the team. You feel extra proud when you wear the Danish flag on your arm," says Lisa Kjær, adding:

"I like the fact that the new collection complements the red and white colours with a beige and a blue colour. It is fun to see the evolution of the collections from game to game."

Inspired by Denmark

The collection, which includes everything from sweatsuits and suits to bucket hats and sunglasses, is inspired by the Danish colors.

"We have taken our cue from the red color of the Danish flag and have been inspired by the Danish coastline; the blue color from the sea and the light color from the sand. We have combined these colours with small details such as Parisian monuments and French expressions to show our love for this year's host city," says Bettina Holst, Buying & Design Director at VERO MODA.

"The first collection we designed for Beijing 2008 was primarily a casual collection, but today it has evolved into both a sports and fashion collection. With Paris as the destination, the collection naturally had to have a touch of fashion," concludes Bettina Holst.

  • JACK & JONES provides the collection for the male athletes, and VERO MODA provides the collection for the female athletes.
  • The fabrics include organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Spinnova® - an innovative material produced from FSC-certified wood.
  • The collection was recently presented at the official flag bearer ceremony held at BESTSELLER's office in Aarhus.
  • As part of the partnership between the Danish Sports Confederation and BESTSELLER, the BESTSELLER Olympic Hope award is presented annually to a promising athlete with Olympic dreams.