Among a long list of potential candidates from different industries, global fashion company BESTSELLER is announced to be among the four nominees for the FINANS IMPACT Social Responsibility Award 2024.

The jury recognises BESTSELLER's commitment in Direct-to-farm, a multi-stakeholder initiative that ensures responsible farming and trade of one of the fashion industry's essential raw materials; organic cotton.

This is important because the market for organic cotton – like other commodity markets – is associated with challenges, for example, in relation to traceability and fairness in the supply chain.

A plus for farmers and communities
Through Direct-to-farm, BESTSELLER benefits the many small organic cotton farmers in countries where the raw material is grown through long-term purchasing commitments and direct premium payments.
Direct-to-farm also promotes the number of organic farms through education and by providing a safety net for conventional farmers who are converting to organic farming. Avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers drastically improves family health, helps communities flourish, and makes land and soil fertile for future generations.
BESTSELLER's involvement in Direct-to-farm began in India in 2019 and now includes four other countries: Pakistan, Tanzania, Benin, and Türkiye. 

From 2019 to 2023, the fashion company supported 26,800 organic cotton farmers in five countries through direct-to-farm, and also supported 13,000 farmers in converting to organic farming.

– The FINANS IMPACT Awards are an event for companies and organisations that actively work with ESG in their everyday operations. The awards are a recognition of companies that make a real difference and show the way forward in the ESG area for Danish business.

– The award has three categories; climate, social and tech - and a main prize, FINANS IMPACT ESG award, which is awarded to the company that has made the most groundbreaking contribution to the work on climate, social or governance issues.

– The Social Responsibility Award is presented to a company that has assumed a special social responsibility. The effort must have significantly promoted equality, inclusion or diversity, or otherwise contributed to markedly improved working conditions among employees at home or abroad.

– The winners will be announced at an award show 16 May in Copenhagen, Denmark.