In the name of all BESTSELLER colleagues, the donation will be shared amongst four local organisations that are working to limit the effects of COVID-19 in Bangladesh.

With around one third of BESTSELLER's products being produced there, Bangladesh plays a vital role in our supply chain, which is why we are contributing to the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines, as well as educational and social programmes across the country.

“Bangladesh is one of the countries that has been hit very hard by the pandemic. Not just COVID-19 specifically but also the after-effects, which has resulted in the closure of educational institutions and family support services, which can be critical for many people. We want to try and change that so, in addition to our regular work to make a long-term difference to the country, we are also making this donation,” says Michael W. Schultze, Global Supply Chain Director, BESTSELLER.

BESTSELLER Foundation has identified four local organisations to share the donation: The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), JAAGO Foundation, UCEP Bangladesh og Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services.

Each of these organisations works to create a better life for the people of Bangladesh, including the thousands that work in the country’s textile industry.

“This donation will make a difference for many people. It is important that Bangladesh’s vaccination programme receives a boost and that’s why we are providing concrete support there, while the donation also targets education, which can contribute to the country’s recovery from a very challenging pandemic. Bangladesh is severely affected and this donation won’t solve everything, but we are convinced that it can make a positive impact alongside other encouraging contributions,” says Jannek Hagen, Managing Director, BESTSELLER Foundation.

Since 2015, BESTSELLER Foundation has invested and donated almost DKK 200 million to initiatives that aim to bring lasting change and sustainable improvements.