Spinnova and BESTSELLER are proud to announce they are working together towards a more sustainable future. In practice, this means that the duo is in a joint product development phase, investigating which commercial products in BESTSELLER’s wide range of brands such as VERO MODA, VILA and SELECTED, would suit Spinnova’s sustainable fibre, which is made of wood and waste without any harmful chemicals.

Having proof of concept from its pilot production line, Spinnova is now working towards commercial scaleup with a number of brand owners committed to long-term collaboration.

“Having great brand partners like BESTSELLER, with the expertise and resources to collaborate with an innovator like us, has been crucial to our material development. BESTSELLER has guided us in finding the right brands and prototype products in their portfolio that we could create with our material and perhaps introduce even before they are commercially available,” says Spinnova’s CEO and co-founder Janne Poranen.

The ultimate ambition is to create the world’s most sustainable fabric and turn it into commercial products. An enormous challenge that BESTSELLER happily accepts as an active partner.

“We’re extremely proud to announce this collaboration with Spinnova, which is a highly promising material innovator. As always, our aim is to change the fashion industry for the better. BESTSELLER is an early adopter of Spinnova’s revolutionary material, and we genuinely believe in their ambition of making a truly sustainable material, which can be turned into commercial products,” says Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, Sustainable Materials and Innovation Manager in BESTSELLER.

Accelerating sustainable change

The announcement comes at the same time as BESTSELLER introduces its new innovation lab, which focuses on new low-impact circular materials, better production, new business models and smarter ways of manufacturing. As BESTSELLER’s experimental sustainability hub, the innovation lab acts – most of all – as a catalyst for collaborations consisting of pilot projects, workshops, case studies and more to accelerate sustainable change.

The lab is an offshoot of BESTSELLER’s ambitious sustainability strategy Fashion FWD, which is launching the company towards a future where it is climate positive, fair for all and circular by design. Concrete goals include helping bring new sustainable fibres to the market by 2025. The Spinnova material is a great fit with the strategy, as it is climate friendly and fully upcyclable in Spinnova’s process, without harmful chemicals.

“BESTSELLER has concrete goals within the strategy, and we are very confident they are achievable. BESTSELLER shares our sustainable values and have an open-minded, very professional, hands-on approach towards innovation. That’s just what’s needed to make sustainable materials available as fast as possible,” Poranen adds.

Spinnova and BESTSELLER were introduced by the Fashion for Good initiative that works as a matchmaker for brands and innovators. Spinnova has been part of the Fashion for Good Scaleup programme in 2018-2020.

In the coming months, BESTSELLER Innovation will reveal more new collaborations, ready to change the fashion industry for good.


Spinnova’s disruptive innovation can turn cellulose into textile fibre without complex, harmful chemical processes. The patented SPINNOVA® fibres include 0% harmful chemicals, 0% waste or side streams, minimal CO2 emissions and water use. Spinnova is committed to use only sustainable raw materials, such as FSC or PEFC certified wood or waste.