As the last Danish athlete to compete at this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, Lisa won gold in the women’s 58 kg K44 taekwondo on Friday. It was a brilliant finish to a very successful seven weeks in

Japan. In all, Denmark’s Olympic and Paralympic teams won six gold, five silver and five bronze medals for a total of 16 – plenty of opportunities for the Tokyo 2020 medal suit, which was designed by BESTSELLER, to be in the spotlight.

As the official clothing partner, BESTSELLER has designed and delivered Denmark’s official collection for use in all non-competition situations at the past four Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our Olympic and Paralympic design team is already looking forward to doing it again for Paris 2024.

Why not “Tokyo 2021”?

When the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to postpone Tokyo 2020 due to COVID-19, it was also agreed that the event would continue to be referred to as ‘Tokyo 2020’.

One of the major reasons was to prevent waste. In step with the IOC's decision and our own sustainability ambitions, BESTSELLER has kept all ‘Tokyo 2020’ labelling on the official Danish Olympic and Paralympic collection.

BESTSELLER's online business is more climate-friendly thanks to an agreement with transport and logistics company FREJA.
With a new investment and ongoing collaborations, BESTSELLER explores the market for alternatives.
“Our solidarity and our unity have never been more important, and our values oblige us to act,” states Anders Holch Povlsen, BESTSELLER's CEO and Owner.
With the first-ever harvest of certified in-conversion cotton coming from Pakistan, BESTSELLER and its brand JACK & JONES are making history together with their long-standing supplier and partner Artistic Milliners.
BESTSELLER is one of the first fashion retailers to scale a new blockchain solution and is thereby taking a remarkable step towards product traceability. Investments in traceability solutions are needed to make sure that consumers get products they can trust and simultaneously ensure compliance with expected EU requirements for digital product passports.
The largest sustainability investment in BESTSELLER's history will limit the emission of greenhouse gases in the fashion industry's value chain.
Since the inception of the global innovation lab in 2017, BESTSELLER has been a consistent supporter of bringing together talents from all over the world to co-create solutions for the challenges our planet is facing. This year will be no exception.
The first roof top solar system installed by BESTSELLER’s partner SOLshare, has begun powering a factory of a textile supplier in Bangladesh. The installation- part of a larger and wider initiative- will convert up to 20 percent of the factory’s energy consumption to clean, renewable power, marking an important milestone for BESTSELLER’s efforts in reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain.