Thrive in solving challenges

You excel in spotting trends, knowing what sells, and you have a unique ability to anticipate what our customers want and need.  

It is your job to find and discover the ideal items that match both brand and style to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. You love solving challenges with a smile, and you shine in an environment where creating results never goes out of style.   

Working in Buying

Working as a Buyer at BESTSELLER, your main responsibilities are to keep track of the market development and have a strong eye on new, upcoming trends together with our designers and the rest of your team.  

You effortlessly juggle a variety of different tasks, but the cornerstones of succeeding as a Buyer lie in building strong supplier relations and having a creative focus on product development to strike the right balance between quality, price, and timing. You understand that the key to our success lies in close partnerships with our suppliers – and you thrive in developing and maintaining those relationships.  

You know how to manage and organise many different tasks to get your products to millions of people

You see your suppliers as your extended team and make sure your collaboration is as smooth as possible

Standing still is not an option, so you’re proactive and get things moving
Working as a Buyer at BESTSELLER, you will get the freedom and trust to take the lead in every aspect of the job. You will experience a dynamic and lively place of work where teamwork and team spirit are just as important as creating great results. You get to be a part of an international fashion company where opportunities for development and adventure is possible all over the world. work with us work with us work with us work with us work with us
BESTSELLER's online business is more climate-friendly thanks to an agreement with transport and logistics company FREJA.
With a new investment and ongoing collaborations, BESTSELLER explores the market for alternatives.
“Our solidarity and our unity have never been more important, and our values oblige us to act,” states Anders Holch Povlsen, BESTSELLER's CEO and Owner.
With the first-ever harvest of certified in-conversion cotton coming from Pakistan, BESTSELLER and its brand JACK & JONES are making history together with their long-standing supplier and partner Artistic Milliners.
BESTSELLER is one of the first fashion retailers to scale a new blockchain solution and is thereby taking a remarkable step towards product traceability. Investments in traceability solutions are needed to make sure that consumers get products they can trust and simultaneously ensure compliance with expected EU requirements for digital product passports.
BESTSELLER is already looking ahead to Paris 2024 after para-athlete Lisa Gjessing ensured a golden finish for Denmark’s Olympic and Paralympic teams at Tokyo 2020.
For the fifth consecutive time, JACK & JONES and VERO MODA will design and deliver the official Olympic and Paralympic collection for the Danish athletes.
In a remarkable collaboration, several international fashion companies are collectively investing to accelerate the necessary transformation of the fashion industry's production processes. The initiative aims to achieve a significant overall reduction in CO2 emissions in the fashion industry.
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