Insights from a graduated Money Maker

When you think about where you are today, how do you look back on the decision to apply for the Money Maker Academy?

“I would do it all over again without hesitation! It has been such a great experience to join the Money Maker Academy. I learned so much during that time, and I’ve grown a lot in many different aspects such as my way of thinking, acting etc. Not only businesswise but also regarding personality.”

How was it to live in Denmark and did you have any concerns before moving?

“It was a great experience to live in Denmark together with the other Money Makers. You get to meet many different cultures and you learn to adjust yourself to different types of people. I think it helped that I still got to speak a lot of German while talking to my customers and my local team. Of course, I did have some sort of concerns before moving but they were all blown away within the first two weeks. It’s crazy how quickly you get the feeling of home and belonging.”

What is the most exciting part about being a Money Maker? Both in the Academy and after?

“I loved the weekly workshops. The workshops were so interesting, we kept on learning new things which we afterwards would adapt into our working methods, and it was very exciting to see the results that came out of it. The workshops helped me to improve myself and to grow a lot both professionally and personally.

“I think the most exciting part about my job, now that I’m back in Germany working as a NOOS representative, is that I get to meet the customers face-to-face and grow an even stronger relation to them.”

Would you recommend others to join the Academy – why/why not?

“Of course, I would recommend others to join the academy – as I said before, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again. The academy is a great opportunity for you to become a part of such a big and amazing company as JACK & JONES. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to work in the headquarter and to create a network of experts from around the house – it’s very helpful to have these contacts when you move back home after the graduating from the academy. Moreover, you get to create great friendships to people from around the world.”

Do you have any advice for future Money Maker candidates?

“I will say, don’t stress too much about moving away to Denmark for this period. You will quickly create close bonds to the people here and get the feeling of a second family. Your manager and coaches will take good care of you, and if you have a bad day, they and the other Money Makers will always be there to cheer you up. The time at the academy is running by so fast, so make sure to get the most out of it.”

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