During your time at the academy, it is mandatory for all Money Makers regardless of nationality to live together with fellow Money Makers in a villa which JACK & JONES provides as a part of the salary.

This means that not only will you be colleagues with the other Money Makers, you will also be roommates – so you will definitely spend a lot of time together.

Other benefits

  • 50% discount on BESTSELLER clothing
  • Cooperation with other cool brands and products who offer discounts to BESTSELLER employees
  • Massage scheme and private health insurance – as well as Danish social healthcare
  • Lunch from the BESTSELLER canteen (subject to taxation)
  • Insurance coverage for your private belongings (subject to taxation)
  • Salary of approximately EUR 1.000,- per month after taxes
  • Free housing (subject to taxation)
  • Laptop and mobile phone will be provided
  • Security and insurance package
  • One paid trip to your home country during the 6 months (subject to taxation)
  • Tax assistance (subject to taxation)
  • Practical assistance when registering and de-registering in Denmark

  • The majority of the job as a Money Maker contains B2B selling by phone
  • An ongoing phone dialogue with our customers and sales team regarding their product package and performance on sales out of stores
  • Discovering new ways of creating both nearness to customers and turnover through digital approaches 
  • Secure all your allocated customers have the best performing styles in store and are stocked up with the correct quantity and sizes that match their sales

  • High performance and involving culture
  • Ambitious and social environment
  • Energetic, international and young team

It is not necessary having Danish language skills to be accepted for the academy. The corporate language at BESTSELLER is English and therefore we do not expect our Money Makers to have Danish language skills.

You will need a work and residence permit for Denmark if you are a non-EU citizen. For non-EU citizens, BESTSELLER will provide you with professional assistance to obtain both, so you will be guided throughout the entire process. For both non-EU and EU citizens, BESTSELLER will guide you regarding leaving your own country and getting registered in Denmark.

It is always an advantage to have work experience within the fashion or sales industry, but experience from other industries could be just as valuable. We value attitude over competencies at this academy.

The JACK & JONES Money Maker Academy starts up two times a year in May and November. For each team we recruit a maximum of eight new, talented, ambitious and business-minded individuals from all over the world with the right mix of personal and professional skills.

At BESTSELLER, we emphasize “learning by doing”, therefore we do not make a career plan for our MONEY MAKERS, including a final job position, when they start at the academy. We will have this dialogue on an ongoing basis throughout the six months you are here. Though, we normally say that the sky is the limit if our Money Makers show proven results. When recruiting for the Money Maker Academy, we aim to hire people that have potential also to be a part of JACK & JONES in the future in your home market.

When graduating from the Money Maker Academy, we expect our Trainees to have an in-depth knowledge of the JACK & JONES sales organisation and understanding of our business. One of the primary tasks as a Money Maker is to reach out to our customers on the phone to ensure they are stocked 24/7 with the latest best performing NOOS. Finally, it is expected that our Money Makers can handle an area of responsibility within his/her area independently after graduating from the Money Maker Academy.