Below, you can find information about the terms of employment, what we are looking for in an International Business Trainee, and other frequently asked questions related to the programme. 

BESTSELLER offers you an IBT Package consisting of:

  • fully financed accommodation including all costs throughout the entire two-year period. Expenses paid by BESTSELLER per month (subject to taxation): Approximately DKK 6,000 (EUR 800).
  • a monthly salary:
    Year 1: DKK 17,000 before taxes (approximately EUR 2,275)
    Year 2: DKK 19,000 before taxes (approximately EUR 2,543)
  • a financed trip for each Summer and New Year’s break to your home country
  • security and insurance package (subject to taxation)
  • financed study trips abroad to both retail and production locations of BESTSELLER

Please note that throughout the programme, it is mandatory for all trainees regardless of nationality to live together with a fellow trainee in an apartment which BESTSELLER provides as a part of the salary.

For both non-EU and EU citizens BESTSELLER will guide you regarding getting registered in Denmark.

For non-EU citizens, BESTSELLER provides professional assistance regarding work permit and residence permit so you will be guided throughout the entire process.

  • The desire to socialise with your trainee team and your other BESTSELLER colleagues 
  • The desire to interact in an international environment and the curiosity to learn about other cultures
  • A pro-active and independent profile with the ability to seek out solutions and act upon them
  • An energetic and result-oriented personality combined with good business understanding

  • A relevant educational background on minimum Bachelor-level or equivalent from a Business College, University or similar 
  • Relevant work experience related to the chosen specialist field - preferably a couple of years experience from either internships, student jobs or full-time 
  • If applying for Sales Management or Retail Management, several years of full-time work experience can be considered equivalent to a higher education degree
  • International experience from working or studying abroad
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English

It is not necessary having Danish language skills to be accepted at the International Business Trainee Programme.

When our trainees start up the IBT Programme, we offer them a Danish language course, thus our Trainees have the possibility to learn Danish, if they wish so.

All IBT positions are located at one of our offices, but depending on the choice of specialist field and your work areas, a part of your job can also be to work with our stores.

During your first working period in Denmark we will have an ongoing dialogue about the location of your next destination with you, your coach and manager. Your working destinations will be strongly work related and based on an evaluation of your possibilities to develop professionally and at the same time add value to your department in Denmark. Therefore, the possibilities to be stationed at a foreign BESTSELLER location can differ among departments and specialist fields.

If your trainee position do not offer you to work at a foreign BESTSELLER location, we will make sure you get knowledge from either different projects or other departments, which all will be related to your trainee position.

No, you are only able to apply for one specialist field which is your first priority. You can, however, mention other specialist fields you are interested in.

Our recruiters are familiar with all specialist fields and are able to forward you to another specialist field if we find it relevant.

The application window for IBT Team of 2024 is closed.

In general, the application window for each new team of IBTs opens in January. Keep yourself updated through our website and social media channels and be the first one to know when we announce the official deadline.

The recruitment process can seem long, but we try our best to get our candidates through this process as fast as possible. We will make sure that all trainees are able to start up at the beginning of June as planned.

In BESTSELLER, we emphasise “learning by doing”, therefore we do not make a career plan for our trainees, including a final job position, when they start up the Programme. We will have this dialogue on an ongoing basis throughout the two-year period. Though, we normally say that the sky is the limit, if our trainees are proving results. When recruiting for the IBT Programme, we aim to hire trainees that have the potential and want to be a part of BESTSELLER in Denmark, or in a few cases, our worldwide offices, after graduating from the Programme. We see the IBT Programme as the start of a long-term collaboration.