As a Buying IBT, you become part of a dynamic team in an inspiring environment that constantly focuses on developing further. You will quickly get the feeling that your work contributes to achieving goals and to securing constant development of our business.

Often, we are looking for two different profiles to join us as Buying IBTs:

  • A product development-oriented role
  • A strategic buying-oriented role

As a Buying IBT with a product development-oriented focus, you will become part of a team where you work closely together with Design and Sales to create the best collections. Your tasks are among others to handle the day to day business when developing a collection and transforming a sketch from design into an actual garment. This includes the sourcing of new qualities, fine-tuning of the first sample and, finally, placing the purchase orders. As you grow and learn, you will also negotiate prices, qualities and deliveries.

As a Buying IBT with a strategic sourcing-oriented focus, you will work closely with our suppliers and strive towards developing the way we work with them. Your tasks are focused on sourcing suppliers, garments, qualities and optimizing our supply chain flow. This can also include placing and purchasing orders, negotiating prices, qualities and deliveries.

We match your individual competencies and wishes but strive to ensure that you, in all cases, are exposed to the comprehensive picture of Sourcing in BESTSELLER.

As a future IBT, you will be given responsibility from day one and the opportunity to influence people and projects and to create results. You will be included in a diverse group of equally motivated and inspirational trainees, and you will build a unique and broad network with fellow trainees, colleagues and decision-makers.

The application window for the IBT Programme 2024 will be open from January 4th to January 18th.