The programmes offers you a unique opportunity to work in growing international organisation where you will be working closely with stakeholders from the business from your first workday. The scale of BESTSELLER opens the door to many different job opportunities across our organisation across the world.

Yes, if the opportunity occurs, but we can't make any guarantees. It will depend on the situation and the need of the entire business. 

No, after graduation you are expected to take international positions within our Finance organisation, temporarily or for a longer period of time, depending on the business need and your ambitions.

No, the Finance Graduate Programme is not a part of a global graduate programme (such as the International Business Trainee Programme) in BESTSELLER. The Finance Graduate Programme is a new initiative and we are launching the programme as we want to accelerate the development of international finance profiles to take BESTSELLER Finance to the next level.

We are aiming to find 2 graduates each year

Yes, we require a Master’s degree as a minimum.

The first rotation will always be in the central group functions and the other rotations will be aligned on an ongoing basis to reflect BESTSELLER’s business priorities.

Having an international career in BESTSELLER Finance requires that you work in our units outside Denmark - during the programme and also after the programme.

No, the programme does not include a school period, but focuses at on the job experience. The Finance Graduate programme includes at least 3 rotations, including finance functions outside Denmark and also in functions outside Finance.