As a Store Apprentice you go through a two-year programme. You join one of our teams in one of our stores and take part in the daily work. You gain insight into areas within sales, service, store operations, merchandising as well as order placement. You will also attend nine school periods together with BESTSELLER’s other store apprentices.

Education Modules

Each module takes one week and will find place at BESTSELLER’s CAMPUS, which is our very own training facility in Brande. During the modules you will learn a lot, and be introduced to tools and new knowledge.

This module gives you a theoretical and practical understanding of communication within your team. You will be introduced to different tools that assist you in planning and delegating assignments in the store. The aim is that you will become better at communication, as well as giving and receiving feedback.

Module 2 will give you and introduction to the different phases from the production of a textile product to the actual sale in our stores. You will also learn about the Danish sales law, sustainability and BESTSELLER's Code of Conduct. The aim is to give you and understanding of the process behind creating BESTSELLER's products.

The third module gives you more knowledge of the raw materials used in the clothes. This is your opportunity to get a broad insight into materials and textiles, shoes, wash and care, and labelling. All this knowledge enables you to become a better sales person and colleague.

During this module you will learn about store concepts. You will work on a concept and assignments with your own store. The aim is for you to learn how the store’s targets are relevant for you, and how you can work more focused with your own KPI’s while achieving the store’s and your goals at the same time.

This module is a top up of module 4, and will add to your understanding of store concepts. You learn how store concepts are developed and built, and how you as a sales person are a vital part of the concept. You will also be introduced to tools that will assist you in calculating and making good choices for the store, to support the store profile and economic goals. Finally, you will work with marketing and how you can use different sales channels.

During this module you will get to work with and test the tools and knowledge you have gained so far during your education. Through an international perspective you will look at your store and BESTSELLER internationally. This module seeks at preparing you for making better decisions in terms of buying, merchandising and product discounts.

The focus of this module is concept understanding, and you will get to build and develop your own concepts from scratch. You will use your competences developed throughout previous modules and argue for your choices in a group presentation of your concept. The aim is to increase your awareness of concepts and brand identity.

This module is all about using theory in a practical setting when you get to manage one of BESTSELLERs stores together with a group of your fellow students. The store manager will be there for support, but otherwise you are the store managers for one week. Everything you have learned will be tested and explored, and you will see how you can work with the store concept to fit the store and the customers.

This module focuses on the different elements of the sales person role, in terms of function, planning, strategy, organisation, management and customers. You will be introduced to different techniques and tools which will make you a better sales person, and prepare you to become a potential future manager. On a personal level you will also get to understand your personality better through a DISC profile, and get feedback on this. Sales Management is an academic course, and is the first one in an academic education. If you wish to pursue the academic education, you can continue with the next courses after the completion of your apprentice education.

What it takes

To become part of the BESTSELLER family, we are looking for talents with a positive mindset and a hands-on attitude. Moreover, we are looking for:

A completed and relevant upper secondary education. Flair for numbers and a large interested in customer contact and customer experience. An interest in the newest trends and tendencies in the fashion world and a responsible, obliging and service-minded personality

Career Opportunities

The apprentice programme is a good stepping stone for your future career, and if you are among the best apprentices, the programme may very well lead to a future career in BESTSELLER. Find below some of the possibilities after your apprenticeship:

  • Store Apprentice
  • Sales Assistant
  • Assisting Store Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Retail Manager