As a sales apprentice you go through a two-year programme. You will be a part of the sales team in a specific market at one of our brands where the practical part of your apprentice programme will take place. Simultaneously, you go through nine modules of theoretical education of one week’s duration together with BESTSELLER’s other sales apprentices.

Education Modules

Each module takes one week and will find place at BESTSELLER’s CAMPUS, which is our very own training facility in Brande. During the modules you will learn a lot, and be introduced to tools and new knowledge. 

The first module will focus on communication and cooperation. The goal is that you are aware of the importance and advantages of cooperation and good communication. Simultaneously this module gives you an introduction to your education and the road ahead, as well as BESTSELLER.

The theme of the second module is product knowledge. You will get to know the different materials and textiles including their strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages. This module will prepare you for using your product knowledge to create sales, advice customers and put together collection presentations. You will be able to ask buyers qualified questions and present claims on behalf of customers by the end of this module. In this way you will be able to develop the brand and collections.

In this module you will be introduced to different sales tools for E-commerce, collection showings and general sales. You will also learn more about your sales profile. This module will teach you how to perform and complete relevant sales assignments.

The second sales analysis module focuses on financial management. You will learn how to understand trading accounts and how to calculate and prepare budgets. In this way you will be a better consultant to your customers.

Marketing to both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) is the theme for this module. You will learn how different markets behave and how you can target these markets, through marketing strategies and media planning. After this module will be able to plan, target and execute relevant marketing tasks.

In this module you look at the Danish economy in an international perspective and you get an introduction to strategic parameters, and international trade law. Cultural understanding is also a part of this module, and you will learn the relation between socioeconomic terms and culture in different markets.

You will learn how to develop a store concept into a final store layout, including the economic calculations and principles used to build a specific store concept. You will be able to advice on store interior and merchandising as well as increasing sales and maintaining Brand DNA.

Innovation and projects are at the centre of this module. You will learn how to work with innovation, and change management. To prepare you for working with change and innovation, different project tools will be introduced. The goal is that you will be able to use these tools in your daily work.

The focus of this module is trends and lifestyle, and how product exposure and events can be used in the sales process. You will learn to use different tools to plan and create events. The aim is that you will be aware of and understand the variations in trends and lifestyle in different markets. Therefore, you will go on a trip abroad to one of our markets for this module.

What it takes

To become part of the BESTSELLER family, we are looking for talents with a positive mindset and a hands-on attitude. Moreover, we are looking for:

A completed and relevant upper secondary education Good English language skills both written and spoken and preferably additional language skills, such as German, French, Spanish or Italian. A desire to handle sales related tasks and administrative tasks with a high level of responsibility.

Career Opportunities

The apprentice programme is a good stepping stone for your future career, and if you are among the best apprentices, the programme may very well lead to a future career in BESTSELLER. Find below some of the possibilities after your apprenticeship:

  • Sales Assistant
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Responsible
  • Sales and Product Responsible