As a buying apprentice you go through a two-year programme. For the practical part, you will join a buying team in one of our brands and work full-time alongside a team of experienced buyers. Simultaneously, you go through nine modules of theoretical education together with BESTSELLER’s other buying apprentices.

Education Modules

Each module takes one week and will find place at BESTSELLER’s CAMPUS, which is our very own training facility in Brande. During the modules you will learn a lot, and be introduced to tools and new knowledge. 

In the first module, the focus is on buying- and business management. You learn how to find suppliers, and choose the right ones. The goal is for you to become aware of the importance and advantages of cooperation and good communication. Simultaneously this module gives you an introduction to your education and the road ahead, as well as BESTSELLER.

The theme of the second module is product knowledge. You will get to know the different materials and textiles including their strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages. We aim to enable you to create the best styles and create collection presentations as well as advice clients, your team and colleagues. Finally, this module focuses on developing your ability to collaborate with suppliers.

Three modules focus on buying analysis. The first of the three modules focus on pricing analysis and calculation principles. You will learn to work with discounts and offers as well as calculations throughout the value chain. You will also work with our Code of conduct.

In this module you will get familiarised with different ERP systems, and gain an understanding of the cultural aspect of being a buyer and working with international suppliers. You will also be introduced to concrete tools that assists you in working with ERP systems. To increase your understanding of the international aspect of being a buyer this module will partly take place abroad.

Module 5 is the second Buying Analysis module, and will focus on supplier- and storage management on a tactical level. After this module you will have the tools to manage the storage suitable to different management concepts. You will also be able to analyse your suppliers.

The final Buying Analysis module focuses on supplier segmentation. Here you will learn how to classify and create an overview of new and old suppliers. You will also learn about different types of portfolios, and get familiarised with supply chain management.

In this module you study the Danish economy from an international perspective and you get an introduction to strategic parameters, and international trade law. Cultural understanding is also part of this module, and you will learn about the relation between socioeconomic terms and culture when working with suppliers from different countries.

Innovation and projects are at the centre of this module. You will learn how to work with innovation, and change management. To prepare you for working with change and innovation, different project tools will be introduced. The goal is that you will be able to use these tools in your daily work.

The final module will focus on storage and logistics management. The customer is in focus, and special emphasize is put on environment and the Code of conduct. The aim is to give you a better understanding of the assortment as well as the logistics- and transportation assignments in BESTSELLER.

What it takes

To become part of the BESTSELLER family, we are looking for talents with a positive mindset and a hands-on attitude. Moreover, we are looking for:

Completed a relevant upper secondary education Good English language skills, both written and spoken Flair for numbers, good communication skills and a personality with positive influence on your surroundings

Career opportunities

The apprentice programme is a good stepping stone for your future career, and if you are among the best apprentices, the programme may very well lead to a future career in BESTSELLER. Find below some of the possibilities after your apprenticeship:

  • Buying Apprentice
  • Buying Assistant
  • Junior Buyer
  • Buyer
  • Product Responsible
  • Buying Manager