It all began in 1994, where VILA became part of the family-owned Danish fashion house, BESTSELLER. VILA quickly grew and found its look, feel and core: Designing accessible fashion for young women with a personal style. Located in Jutland, outside the small town Skanderborg, VILA has always stayed true to its mission of creating feminine fashion with focus on quality, design and details.

The design philosophy of VILA is based on a feminine approach to fashion, uniting femininity and trend insights. VILA’s signature style is discovered in the mix of prints, delicate cuts and fine details.  

VILA’s head office employs more than 150 colleagues representing eleven different nationalities, besides from our colleagues in our stores. Furthermore, VILA has 50 showrooms around Europe, from where approximately 85 VILA colleagues, sales representatives and local sales supporters, serve our more than 2,000 retail and multibrand stores across 16 European markets. VILA also covers and shop-in-shop.

Our business is built upon strong partnerships with our supplier base in China, India, Bangladesh and Turkey. Every day our more than 60 designers, pattern designers, buyers and specialist strive to develop and produce even more sustainable than yesterday. VILA is and aims for remaining 3D and Digital Frontiers in everything we do.