Several calculations show that the use phase is the most polluting part of clothes’ lifecycle. You can reduce the total environmental impact of your clothes by treating and washing them in the right way.

We have a two-pronged approach when it comes to circularity.

We want to design our products to fit into circular systems.

For example, our Circular Design Guide provides a framework for all designers and product developers on how we create circular garments in BESTSELLER. The guide is also available on our website to inspire others.

Additionally, BESTSELLER e-commerce has a repair station at our Return Centre to keep returned items in circulation.

We also want to provide end-consumers with circular business models that extend the life of our products and keep resources in use for longer.

To extend the life of our products, we have published a Wear & Care Guide. The guide offers guidance on how to make garments last longer and on reuse and recycling value.

Furthermore, an initiative from SELECTED FEMME/HOMME allows consumers to give their used clothes a second life. As of March 2022, clothes and shoes can be donated for reuse or recycling at any Danish SELECTED store.


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